Webinar Video Deliverance Group Session 07-07-19 (Audio Only)

Video can be seen at https://theholyghosttv.podbean.com/e/video-deliverance-group-session-07-07-19/


Anita - Georgia 
Annick - Canada 
Barbara - Louisiana 
Bola - Nigeria 
Buki - Nigeria 
Carla - New Jersey 
Carla F. - United Kingdom 
Celia - Massachusetts 
Deryl and Sharon - Colorado 
Edgar - Florida 
Julia - California 
Katara - North Carolina 
Kelly - Jamaica 
Martha - California 
Stacie - Virginia 
Vanbana - India 
Yancy - Puerto Rico 

Evangelist King † A Female Exorcist hosts video deliverance group session on Zoom on the weekend. For information on how to install the Zoom app on your phone or computer, visit http://radio.HolyGhostFIRE.us. ALL CALLS/SESSIONS ARE PUBLIC, RECORDED AND SHARED ON ALL OUR PROGRAMS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Shalom †

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