TCM Discipleship/Mentorship Program - Class 03 (Audio Only)

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PRAISE THE LIVING GOD!!! The Holy Spirit covered many areas in His Word; and at the very end, He revealed hidden confessions. Read what one dear sister wrote after the class via email, “Thank you so much Evangelist King for today's meeting! I had no idea that The Holy Spirit was going to move in the direction He did. You telling us about the molestation you did prompted Elizabeth to talk about her molesting her brother which gave me the courage to admit and confess publicly and to the whole world that I had molested my brother too. This is something that I could have never dreamed of doing. But as you stated, The Lord is very considerate and allowed us to confess the awful things we participated in, in a safe environment. Now I feel totally free! I'm glad that I joined you on the call. Thank you again.” Tune in and watch/listen and allow the Holy Spirit to convict you of sin, righteousness and judgement in Christ Jesus’ mighty name. Selah †

IF you’re interested in joining TCM Discipleship/Mentorship Program; for details on the prerequisites, visit Shalom †

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