Nathan, God Chosen Prophet to Haiti


I'm in AWE at the wisdom and revelation that flowed through the son of Farah. REMEMBER, Farah is the young woman whom the LORD God set free from 10+ demons.  Farah's son, Nathan, who is only 12 years old, was home when the LORD set his mother free.  When Farah realized the demons were about to manifest, she told Nathan to leave the room.  She closed the door.  The first demon manifested called itself "Satan's baby".  Later another demon manifested and called itself "Lucifer".  And then another manifested and called itself "Jezebel".  The demon spirit Lucifer was the most talkative one.  Now I knew by the Holy Spirit that Farah's son was on the other side of the door, but what I didn't know was that he was also doing warfare and intercession on his mother's behalf.  The things that I knew by faith the LORD was doing, the LORD allowed Nathan to literally "see" Him and the host of angels in his house.  Nathan then pointed out something the demon spirit Lucifer said and told me that is why that demon had to leave. It was amazing to hear Nathan speak on the goodness of God.  He may be 12 years of age in this natural realm; but in the spirit realm, he is more matured than a 50 year old person. You will be blessed and inspired by the wisdom the LORD God has given this young boy.

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