Lonique (from St. Vincent) Deliverance from Witchcraft Spirits (Audio Only)

Video can be seen at https://vimeo.com/317984243

TESTIMONY: Thank you once again for everything. It was really difficult for me to confess all those things in public but I realize that it had to be done in order for me to heal and be delivered. That was an aspect of my childhood I had intended to bury forever. What I also failed to confess yesterday was that i was actually penetrated as a child when I was between 4-5 years old by that same child i mentioned in the session. I also remember other instances of molestation by the neighbors children. Later on my stepfather father had attempted to molest me but I did not allow him. I tried to tell my mom about him but the words just could not come out my mouth. I have carried so much shame and guilt with me all these years. Never knowing that I was suffering because of it. Yesterday after our session I realize that the only way I could get over it was to confess my whole story and be open and transparent. I confessed everything to my younger sister this morning. I was hiding this from her because she looks up to me and I did not want her to look at me differently. I basically had to help raise her and send her to school after our mother passed. She was raped and murdered 14 years ago. I felt so much relief after I confesses to her my entire testimony. She was very understanding. I hope to share my testimony with others as the Spirit leads. Shalom. 

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