Got Paranormal Activities in Your Devices?

A young woman wrote me and said when she went to our website to seek deliverance prayer from demons that were tormenting her, the demon threw the phone out of her hand and called me a bitch. Dear hearts, MANY of God's children need a spiritual house cleaning on their electronic device(s). They are visiting (or have visited) YouTube Channels of Paranormal Investigators and mimic what they do (or did). They installed paranormal apps on their mobile device(s). They visit [or visited] porn sites, interchange nudity, gossip and committed evil acts from their phone device(s). Dear hearts, you need to get rid of those cyberspace demons from your device(s)! Call the listener # 605-477-4794 from your device and run it at least one hour non-stop and let the Holy Ghost flush them out in Christ Jesus' mighty name; AND, you need deliverance as well. Request a prayer session today! For details, visit in Christ Jesus’ mighty name! Shalom †

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