Getrude’s Deliverance from Spirit Husband and Snake

Getrude was made aware of our ministry about three years ago, but decided to go somewhere else for her deliverance.  After many years of seeking deliverance, she finally installed our FREE app, watched our messages and then submitted her deliverance request.  The Holy Spirit wanted her to know the 'root' cause to her problems due to His desire in her maintaining her deliverance in Christ Jesus.  She was shocked when the Holy Spirit asked her a specific question.  She had kept the answer to herself and had not told anybody—not even her mother.  With permission, listen to Getrude's entire deliverance session.  I pray that as you listen and receive by faith that the same HOLY GHOST FIRE will set ablaze EVERY spirit in your mind, will, emotions and body that is not of Him in Jesus' mighty name. 
Are you a born-again Believer in Christ Jesus and NEVER been delivered from demons living in your mind, will, emotions and body? For information on the next weekend 1-on-1 public deliverance sessions, visit and click on the Talkshoe logo. ALL CALLS ARE PUBLIC, RECORDED AND SHARED ON ALL OUR PROGRAMS. Shalom †
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