Frank [Nigeria] Deliverance from Nightcrawlers (Audio Only)

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Throughout the year Brother Frank has patiently waited for another deliverance session. Most people would have given up and went elsewhere, but not Brother Frank.  He was determined to speak with me. When I received his last email, I heard the LORD God say, “It’s his time now, contact him.”  The LORD God did not want those demons tormenting Brother Frank carried over into the New Year.  Dear hearts, I don’t respond to your email when you think I should respond. I only respond to your email when the LORD God leads me. As the FIRE Prayers of Holy Ghost BURNED HOTTER, you can hear the nightcrawlers banging on the compound walls. Watch/listen as the LORD God delivers Brother Frank from nightcrawlers.  If you’re in need of deliverance from unclean spirits; for information, visit Shalom †

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