Farah’s Deliverance from Marine Demons - Part 2


Farah had no idea that she was connected to demon spirits which gave her the ability to see into the spirit realm, as well as, it seeing into this natural realm.  When she was a child, she had fallen by accident and had to receive stitches to her forehead.  After the surgery, she noticed that the stitches were sown in the likeness of a cross.  Throughout her adult years, she did not pay attention to it because it was just an injury.  One day when she was walking the streets of New York, she noticed that many people who served as Satanists were attractive to her due to the mark on her forehead.  She then noticed that it was the same mark they had on their forehead; but again, she did not pay attention to the mark because of receiving it in an injury as a child.  It was after her deliverance from marine demons that her Deliverer, Christ Jesus, spoke these words to her.  Tune in and listen to hear the wonderful things our LORD and Savior, Christ Jesus, done for Farah.

Are you a born-again Believer in Christ Jesus and NEVER been delivered from demons living in your mind, will, emotions and body? For information on the next weekend 1-on-1 public deliverance sessions, visit EvangelistKing.me and click on the Talkshoe logo. ALL CALLS ARE PUBLIC, RECORDED AND SHARED ON ALL OUR PROGRAMS. Shalom †

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