Cotonyia [Michigan] Deliverance from Internet Demons

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Cotonyia was set free from some of the demons that were residing in her soul realm [mind, will, emotions] and body as she watched and received FIRE Prayers of the Holy Ghost through our video. She soon realized to get rid of the strongman, she had to schedule a deliverance prayer session in which she did and was set TOTALLY free in Christ Jesus’ mighty name. Cotonyia continued in maintaining her deliverance by praising and thanking the LORD everyday for His goodness. She would often tune in and listen to every teaching video that was posted on our YouTube channel. In the spirit, I knew Cotonyia was being faithful to God in maintaining her deliverance. Then one day, it was as if she went missing. She was quiet in the spirit realm just as Adam went quiet when he sinned. I then knew something was wrong. So, I just waited to hear from her. She finally sent me an email saying something is wrong and she could not figure it out. Upon the leading of the Holy Spirit, I requested a 1-on-1 session with her and she agreed. Tune in and listen to the Holy Spirit talk to you! MANY of God’s children are making the same mistake as Cotonyia and do not know why they are slipping in the things of God. Selah †

For details on requesting a deliverance prayer session with Evangelist King † A Female Exorcist, be sure to follow the instructions at under Deliverance Prayer Request. Shalom †

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