Check this out! Demon spirit Lucifer answered the phone!!! Farah’s Deliverance from Marine Demons

Farah is from Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Her grandmother was a High Priest. Farah's mother dedicated her to Satan before she was born.  At the age of five, she was sexually molested and tried many times to commit suicide. This molestation continued throughout her childhood from one family member to another.  Farah knew that Satan had planned for her to serve him in his kingdom of darkness; but our LORD Jesus Christ had ALREADY planned the course for her life.  After over 10 years of experiencing sexual intercourse in her dreams, Farah knew that the LORD was not pleased.  She began to seek help from many churches and to her amazement she was told that it was the will of God for her to experience sex in her dreams since she was unmarried.  Contrary to what they said, Farah knew that it was wrong.  She cried out even more unto the LORD for help.  She was then lead by the Holy Spirit to one of our videos on YouTube at  She called us seeking deliverance.  Our LORD and Savior, Christ Jesus, delivered Farah from torment, oppression and depression from the: 1) Spirit of Belial (Satan); 2) Spirit of Lesbian; 3) Spirit of Coast of the Sea; 4) Spirit of Snake; 5) Spirit Husband; 6) Spirit of Suicide; 7) Spirit of Fear; 8) Spirit of Lucifer; 9) Spirit of Jezebel 10) and many more. I’m only sharing a clip of the deliverance session that took place in 2012. To listen to the full session, visit our YouTube Channel. After Farah’s deliverance she allowed spirit fear to re-enter and spirit Lucifer followed as well. Farah’s friend, Sarah, called me and asked me to call Farah because she was in trouble. When I called, Farah did not answer. It was spirit Lucifer. Take note to how Lucifer bragged about having MANY workers in church and false prophets over the world working for him and then Jezebel, the woman of the Tiger started to also brag. Dear hearts, just looking at Farah, one would have never known such HELL were in her. I challenge you if you think you’re delivered or not to contact me to have FIRE prayers spoken over your soul (mind, will, emotions) and body. You, too, may be surprised to see such HELL in you as Farah.  For details on how to request a deliverance session with Evangelist King † A Female Exorcist, visit Shalom †

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