Beverly [UK] Deliverance from Kundalini Spirits

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Beverly was born again in June 2019; but like MANY, continued to have inward attacks from demon spirits. She found out about our deliverance program through a friend whom the LORD God set TOTALLY free and suggested that she call us. Beverly finally called last week, and the LORD set her TOTALLY free. It was a BEAUTIFUL deliverance. When the Deliverer, Christ Jesus, sets us TOTALLY FREE, the enemy immediately seek ways in which to return. After Beverly’s deliverance, the LORD gave her specific instructions. One of those instructions was to disconnect from unhealthy relationships, as well as, delete their contact on her phone and anywhere else. Beverly failed in being obedient to this specific instruction. Satan knew this was her weakness, and immediately, he led her to an old email from a former friend in which he enticed her to reply. Tune in and listen to the Holy Spirit talk to you!

For details on requesting a deliverance prayer session; for details, visit Shalom †

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