November 6, 2018

Ashlee (from Bahamas) Deliverance from Water Spirits (Audio Only)

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TESTIMONY: I know this is super early but I already feel so different. I don’t know if its just emotions or the fact that I’m actually free. However, I feel so free lol. Thank God for you. My stomach is already flatter, I had things moving in it and at some points I actually looked pregnant! I’ve been searching for this deliverance for so long. At the beginning of the session my mind was all over the place and I couldn’t focus on what you were telling me but after you prayed for me I was so in tuned with what you were saying. I was actually paying attention. That’s actually a problem for me in University also, I would not pay attention to the lecture, sometimes I think it probably used to be so noticeable that one of my lecturers called me out on it! But now I feel like I have my mind in order now lol! Praise GOD! I feel so different. I felt so heavy but now I feel so different! Thank you so much. God bless you! Also I have no spiritual guidance, well I have one spiritual father who is in Africa but besides that I don’t really have much help with this spiritual walk. So I will be emailing you a lot. Thank you so much! Wow, all my life I’ve only known depression and living in a different life in my head, this feels so new to me. Praise God! Thank you.—Ashlee

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