EPISODE 05: Weekend Deliverance Sessions 11-11-17

November 12, 2017

LIVE Call-In Deliverance Session


Rahbia - United Kingdom


At the age of 16 or 17, Rahbia was told she had black magic on her and her parents took her to many different people for help according to what they knew. She even went online to find help and came across a site unknowing to her that pulled her deeper into the darkness of witchcraft. Rahbia was not aware of the deep level of darkness that entered her through rituals suggested by those in whom her parents and herself sought help from. As I ministered Holy Ghost Sic’em FIRE prayers to her belly area, which is where the spirit realm is, a hideous voice surfaced. Do you know that Spirit Medusa is spirits Jezebel and Snake combined? I came to this reality as I listened to the recording and heard the hideous sounds of Jezebel and snake combined. Spirit Medusa bragged about how Rahbia belonged to her, she will never be free and how it gave her ovarian cyst. But of course, we know ALL devils are liars. Once I pronounced the will of God over Rahbia’s life on earth, God fulfilled it. Rahbia was set TOTALLY free from spirit husband, Jezebel, snake and EVERY spirit not of the Holy Spirit. Listen, dear hearts, and allow Holy Ghost sic’em!

Are you a born-again Believer in Christ Jesus and NEVER been delivered from demons living in your mind, will, emotions and body? For information on the next weekend 1-on-1 public deliverance sessions, visit EvangelistKing.me and click on the Talkshoe logo. ALL CALLS ARE PUBLIC, RECORDED AND SHARED ON ALL OUR PROGRAMS. Shalom †

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