Christine (from New Jersey) Deliverance from Spirit Husband

November 30, 2017

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Christine's Testimony as of 12/09/17

Hello Pastor King: I just wanted to share what's been going on since my delivery. First I will absolutely agree with you this evil one has been really trying to trick me every day into unbelieve. I just rebuke, declare I am a child of God whom moves by fire and faith not fear nor feeling, thanking and praising Jesus for setting me totally free. I laugh at the desperation and defeat of the evil one. I will keep standing strong with so much thanks faith and joy. I did ask the holy spirit on 2 days about any objects needing to be removed from my home I did not receive any answer but I did receive a revelation as to my vehicle. I had a serious attachment to this car having it for 17years but I think it wasn't me at all. I recalled being in that car committing sexual sin, drinking alcohol letting an ex male partner smoke marijuana. I sat in there seriously depressed, grieved worried about what ever I was going through at my lowest point I've been going through alot of trouble with an upstairs neighbor whom I truly think is under evil influence to persecute me and keep peace from my home. It was times I got so aggravated I think I felt even a hatred truthfully.Till I learned better and wanted God in my life. I prayed for this neighbor to come to Jesus I did not do a thing nor even know this female personally I never had problems with any neighbors before once this started that demon came out of hiding troubling me daily. I think this neighbor female is under an oppression being put up to persecuting me. I was under attack of evil in flesh and spirit at the same time so It must be connected. Im just praying with faith and definitely mind set on moving asap. Anyway that car was a den of sin and darkness. I received this recollection from the holy spirit. It was also revealed how I got many warnings like not even being able to get an inspection sticker because an engine light will not turn off and even the dealer can't fix it or give me an answer. I got caught with a false sticker and had to go to court I remember praying with so much worry all day long. I knew God's grace and mercy worked because I only had to pay a minor fine penalty on that court day only. I paid what ever cost came to keep that car running and not replace it. And I recalled having money saved and I would always wonder if some repair would come and it did but I kept ignoring the pattern. This was the evil one keeping me broke. A final warning came Wednesday it began to stall while I was driving. I was ready to pay for repair again immediately and all most did. I went to 2 mechanic shops and was told my engine was going. The mechanic said he felt so scared test driving it someone else said that also even before this new engine issue but I always defended saying I felt fine driving it myself. God is so good he forced me to get rid of it. I prayed for a safe car with faith and confidence, financed a new one the next day with a small down payment the salesman kept saying it was a miracle how well and easily the loan got approved compared to other people. It was God moving for sure. The enemy was trying to keep me from replacing that car. I even had a thought in my mind maybe they planned on killing me in that car with the stalling. I sent it to a salvage yestarday with so much relieve and peace of mind. God assured me everything will be alright now. I am so very thankful and feel my prayers and blessings are surely breaking through now. I thank you so very much for your help I praise the lord for using you and leading me to you. Many Blessings to you and your family.


Evangelist King, A Female Exorcist
Deliverance Pastor at House Shalom


1. Have you ever been molested?

2. Have you ever been physically raped?

3. Have you ever been raped in your dreams?

4. Do you have sexual lust?

5. Have you had premarital sex?

6. Do you have sex in your dreams?

7. Does it seem like you're being "forced" to remain unmarried and every relationship ends up in disappointment?

8. Do you masturbate?

9. Do you watch pornography?

10. Is there idolatry and/or witchcraft in your family lineage?

IF you answered "Yes" to any of the questions and is a born-again Believer in Christ Jesus and NEVER been delivered from demons living in your mind, will, emotions and body; it means demons are still residing in God’s House (your body). Contact me for a video deliverance session and the LORD Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit will set you TOTALLY free. You just come expecting, believing and receive by faith in the Son of God. Email me at and I’ll schedule a date and time with you for the session. Remember, this is a video only session. ALL SESSIONS ARE PUBLIC, RECORDED AND SHARED ON ALL OUR PROGRAMS. Shalom †