There needs to be prayer on the one side and a watching on the other. What does 'watching' mean? Tune in to hear more. Shalom.

In the Bible can be found a kind of prayer which is the highest and the most spiritual, yet few people notice or offer up such utterance. What is it? It is 'authoritative prayer'. Shalom.

People are so used to reading and hearing these words, 'in the Name of Jesus Christ or in the Name of the LORD Jesus', that they fail to comprehend their significance..

The LORD Jesus Christ teaches us how we should not imitate the prayers of two kinds of people. And He also give us a model prayer. Shalom.

To pray according to God will is a most powerful thing. For the church to pray signifies that she has discovered God will and is now voicing it. Tune in and find out about the three imposing principles of prayer mentioned in Matthew 18:18-20.

What is corporate prayer? What hinders corporate prayer? Matthew 18:15-20, our LORD Christ Jesus list importance steps to take in order to have a fervent and effective prayer ministry. Shalom.

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